Misael M.

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Misael M. is a Mexican-Australian Full- Stack Web Developer with a background as an Art Director, Curator, Artist, Cacti Collector, Tavern Philosopher, aspiring Creative Programmer and of course... a good citizen. By working alongside, interacting and producing technological artworks myself and with many other artists, I learnt the importance of functionality and logistics which I now apply to my programming projects. For the last few years, I have dabbled in the world of programming, creative and functional, which I try to implement in my projects where possible.


I have been working with different languages, frameworks and libraries as part of the General Assembly Full-time Web Developer course, but also independently as a proper psychonaut and autodidact. I find myself enjoying the plethora of possibilities and the variations of programming, joyful and always eager to learn new technologies. There is a pleasant aesthetic beauty sometimes overlooked in programming, but now I am here to denounce it.

Older Projects (update comming soon..)

Selected projects worked on during the General Assembly course and beyond, demostrating some interests I have as a developer. I have spent my time building applications that can be applied to the world of functionality, delivering not only the components of the methodologies learnt, but also necessary elements to concrete the initial conceptual framework. Social impact, interaction, transmedia narrative, multidisciplinary and design thinking are some of the aspects that can be found in my practice as a developer, or at least that is what I have aimed to achieve so far.

Contact me

You can always find me through any of these emails or by telepathic communication, feel free to chose either:


In this electronic age we see ourselves being translated more and more into the form of information, moving toward the technological extension of consciousness.
--Marshall McLuhan

∞God is infinitely small∞