The same old shit

When I was a toddler  (some people say that such a state does not exist)
I had more teeth that I have today, Funny thing…
That I never needed confirmation that I am here, yes very funny
When I was a toddler I could spend (I am not exaggerating) several hours with myself
Without any worry that time passes, who would care about such a thing?
Looking at the world upside down, funny thing
Some things look better that way
Imagine an eye upside down, it looks better that way
Imagine a city full of buildings, it looks better that way! Funny thing…
That I have a perception that is still reversed
That it looks like I have my butt in my face (not joking)
No need to reorganize the world anymore, no need to have your feet on the ground
When you are walking all over the sky
No need to be a prisoner when you could be the jailer
Oh Yes! Wine all over my white shirt, again, funny thing…
That I have my stomach in the heart and the heart in my balls
That I have my balls in my eyes and my eyes in my ass
That I have my ass in my mouth and I keep talking, funny thing.