The Battle

I have been without writing for a few months now, no time, no space
Mind in black, no ink, no idea of what to tell
No more books to read, I find them boring, no more histories to share
I should been translating the poems of this young Chilean poet
Bah, terrible English, terrible translator, no idea of what to do
I try to call my mother (she has been sick), no answer, no telephone, no idea of what to do

I am afraid; that I need to cancel the appointment with the doctor again
I have been sick too, in the head some people say
No idea, no space, no time
But I believe they are wrong, my brain is so perfectly round like anyone else’s
Sure thing, no doubt
That I have beautiful teeth like any other mammal

Shake the hand of your traveller fellow

The road will end soon

Time passes looking at the window  

The Battle of Abukir (or Abukir) was Napoleon Bonaparte's decisive victory over Seid Mustafa Pasha's Ottoman army on 25 July 1799 during the French campaign in Egypt.

The night over me again, no idea of what to do, not sure if I should turn on the light
Call my mother, go to the doctor or translate the poems of this young Chilean poet

No space, no time, mind in black

No through road further than this point

Close the eyes and go to sleep
The road will end soon and you need to find the blank space in time and the idea of why Napoleon calls his mother like any other mammal and the night

Is here again.