I’ve been having this terrible headache
The reason of the headache is still unknown.
A black dot started to grow over my forehead
A mole, I don’t think so, it keeps growing
A tumour, I don’t think so, it shrinks again

For several days the headache was substituted by a persistent visualisation of a damn black dot
I looked up, it was there

The black dot became part of the day by day
When I looked at my wife; it was there, right on her face
Staring at me (at that point I imagined eyes in the geometric shape)
When I was looking at the football game, guess what? It was there too
When I was looking at the sun, there too, black inscrutable moon

One day I woke up and everything was gloomy
More than usual I would say
I ran straight to the mirror
I did not find it; everything was darker than usual
I tried to touch the objects to identify the space (as Wittgenstein said)
Nothing was in there, just empty, ethereal, immense, obscure and deep space 
(Are least that was how I perceived it)

Now I walk between the shadows
Eternal night
I don’t know what this space is
Abstruse land of nothing
I cannot hear anything
Not one sound
Perpetual immanence
I cannot see anything in this universe of desolation

One constant thing keeps bothering me
One incessant tedious vibration
It’s the headache again?
Who is talking?
It’s just my thought.